10 DIY Life Hacks You Should Definitely Try This Week

Well well well, we have something for you here. Something that will help you recycle old stuff and give you new decor ideas as well! You could use some of the old things you have lying around your house and well, be creative too.

DIY Projects are something we all wish to take up at some point. But we don’t, because of lack of information, resources or any of the possible reasons. What if, someone brought you the basics and all you have to do is read and apply?

That is exactly what we’ve done! 🙂

Watering Can from detergent bottle

This upcycled old detergent bottle is perfect to be your own DIY Watering Can, don’t you think? All you have to do is drill some holes in the cap of the empty bottle. You can save some trash and reuse it for gardening as well. Cool, right?