10 Healthy Foods That Could Wreck Your Diet

Junk foods are the trend of the day. Despite the loud hue and cry from many quarters against junk food, its popularity is increasing ever passing day. Even those people who void junk food consciously and go for green vegetables cannot be accepted to be eating right. Sometimes healthy foods also tend to be very high on calories and increase the fat content in your body adding excess flab. Even if what you eat are healthy foods, serving size plays an important role. An imbalance in the serving size may sabotage your diet plan completely. This is why we thought we will provide you some pertinent information about 10 vegetables in a selective manner so you eat them free of guilt.

1. Avocado


Basically packed with mono saturated fats that are good for the heart’s health, Avocado is abundantly rich in antioxidants and nutrients. While it is good for general health, people who consume this must ensure they do it in the right servings. One fifth of an Avocado serving provides 50 calories to the body. This clearly indicates that a small serving of Guacamole increases 350 calories in your body. Remember, 350 calories cannot be considered as just a snack but equals calories contributed by a full meals. Instead an Avocado whip can be both metabolism hikers as well as make you eat this nut guilt free.