10 Jokes From Funny People Whose Sense Of Humor Is Way Too Dark

We all enjoy comedy, whether it’s a TV show or film, a stand-up show, or just a joke we heard or read. Comedy makes the world go round. It’s how we make light out of a very dark world.

Speaking of dark, some of us have interesting tastes when it comes to what we find funny. Some appreciate light-hearted cutesy humor, while others like the more dark and twisted sort.

In our opinion, all comedy is good comedy. But today, we are honoring the jokers that have the odd sense of humor. If that’s something you appreciate then stay with us, it’s sure to be good!

1. A Reddit user and their friend thought it would be a great idea to arrange their beds like this before checking out of the hotel.

2. This man made a copy of his wife’s passport photo and she became Emily Rose post-exorcism.

3. Under the heading “serious inquiries only”, this person posted the following on Reddit: “Hey guys I am selling a Bengal Tiger. Sometimes he barks but that’s because hes [sic] bilingual. If you don’t know anything about tigers don’t comment and mess up with my business. Thank you!”

4. Under this Instagram caption @anevsty wrote: “My little happiness. ❤ Though she’s still a baby, only 0.75 L, she brings so much warmth and joy! This is the real women’s happiness! #mybaby #happymother 😜😜😜.” She’s not wrong

5. This nice dinosaur is warning us that the eclipse could have wiped us out. Remember to stay grateful.

6. This post reads, “There’s a little mystery hiding inside every woman, but this one is a real crossword puzzle”.

7. Just a friendly reminder that adults deserve to live too, not just babies. Just in case there are some drivers on the road that are only careful when they see the “baby on board” bumper sticker.

8. This one is just incredible because it manages to be so relatable and so extra at the same time. Also, hangnails actually suck.

9. Max was just trying to turn a bad day into a good one with some wishful thinking but the internet just couldn’t let him have that. His story got shut down an hour after he posted it.

10. Can someone please confirm if this is true because my god Disney is more savage than any of us realized.

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