10 Magical Moments in Your Relationship Before it Hits the Next Level

Hello Peeps!

Holding hands, candlelight dinners, those timed phone calls – aren’t they awesome? For those who are in love, already know what I mean, rite…?

You tend to recall them practically all through your lives.

Life seems to be so kind and beautiful when you glance through each other’s eyes.

Well, I can already sense those love vibes floating all around.

Would you love to recall such moments when you asked yourself – is it love? Can you figure out such magical moments in your relationship? Well, here we are to help you rekindle the flame.

For those of you who are new in town, here is the sorted itinerary.

Keep checking. 🙂

#1. The meetings…

Recall, the first coincidental hangout. Walk down the memory lane capturing those instances that led it to be a regular feature.

#2. The presents…

You do remember the first gift, isn’t it? It’s all about feelings.

You feel sooo important!

#3. The everyday calls…

Do you remember the butterflies in your stomach while receiving your SO’s calls? Moreover, the transition from calls at the same time every day to any time during the day had been seamless.

Am I right?

#4. When eyes spoke more than lips…

Did you feel the spark when you accidentally caught each others’ eyes?

If you are together, you did exchange a look for life.

Wasn’t that a moment when that straight glance made you think, could this be more than just a few weeks of hookups kind of thing?

#5. Making it official…

Everything around seems so distant when you both come up as a couple. That very moment is divine when much to your own chagrin, you are so damn excited about changing your relationship status on Facebook.

#6. Being possessive…

When you know you are dining on a set menu, there is no room for substitutions. ‘Only mine’ becomes an unsaid rule. Quite obvious that your relationship is graduating to the next level.

#7. Meeting the extended family…

You are so nice and they are so nice, you doubt was it real.

Just kidding. The feeling of having another set of parents is extra ordinary.

#8. Those three magical words…

The magical three words – I love you! The world seems beautiful and you are on an all time high!

Nothing can be compared to this.

#9. The feeling that someone is there for you always…

You know where to look up at the time of need. The unsaid support you can count on time whether it’s an hour of need or just fun. The undeclared pillar of strength – emotional or materialistic.

#10. The after thoughts…

Think of a time when you both started chatting and didn’t seem to stop. I can indeed sense the nostalgia.

I am sure recalling such intimate and special moments right at this moment have the magical effect all time.

Relive those memories and rekindle the feelings of warmth and romance. Feel the spark all over again by recalling all such moments.

Live with your love & love life!

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