10+ Memes that are a Reflection of the Funny Truths of a Marriage

How about getting married just because your peers, your friends and acquaintances are? I can sense a flinch there. Well, here are some hilarious memes that will touch you with the right feels. You can sense empathy with these on-point memes and can enjoy in solace!

Here are some funny truths about marriage that are very much near to reality, although may not be accurate for you!

When love for food creeps in…

When sharing is nowhere considered caring!

Watch out, lady!

Your man is staring at some other chic and maybe this could be fodder for memes!

Happy realization, peeps!

When you search for money and suddenly the realization of a marriage dawns on you!

When he thinks he has a better sense of humor than you!

Too literal to practice humor!

An amusing way of fighting

Passive aggressive fighting with a twist. How cute!

Your evolution after marriage.

With time, that’s how you roll and how you grow! *Sarcasm-intended*

To give a fair treatment to things. 

That’s how he manages his stuff.

Even a long time lapse could not bring in the excitement and fun!

When she has the victory sip and his expressions scream ‘why me?!’

When she says she’s fine… Dude, that’s an alarm that you’re soon not going to be fine. 

The scale above is quite close to the truth.

When your badass attitude is useless after you return home to face your smarter half. 


That’s the point! You cannot trust her. 

For she may demand five more minutes!

So, you thought you would be the boss?

Give up, asap!

Do not ever underestimate her…

Your estimates will surely go for a roll!

Marriage is a two-edged sword. There are innumerable memes around it, but it also brings happiness in life and is not as bad as depicted.Credit Post: thepopple

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