10+ Reasons Why Women Should Never Wear Shirts

With this startling and bold headline, many of you have managed to come in and read. If the headline managed to enrage you, then you are on the right path, dude. But, if you felt that the headline is part of a truth, then that’s sad, for both of us! I mean, what’s wrong? Why so sexist? You think only men can sport shirts and women should be happier in dresses, tops, and tees, what has happened?

Take a look at these pictures that will debunk all the myths and change the perception, too!

Because despite what she wears, she will win you with her elegance and comfort!

Umm, maybe because women sporting shirts manage to shatter the bulwark of long-established masculinity.

Because mind it, she may even slay and sue you with her sass. No matter what she dons.

For, looking dapper AF is our birthright too, and you’re no one to take that from us!

Because, obviously, even feminism is about equality, so we don’t pigeonhole ensembles according to gender.  

Because what’s the point in holding back? The world’s our oyster, experimenting is a birthright!

‘Cause she can go slay-ay-aying, effortlessly, even in a damn shirt!

So you really think women can’t rock shirts?

For she has it in her, ‘unapologetically’ to wear a shirt even when her ‘Prince’ is in a tee!

‘Cause she doesn’t get perturbed by the f**ks you give!

That’s all elegance and charm, sans the fuss!

For, culture isn’t outright, customization is the key.

Shirt it up and flirt it up, and your gaze is enough!

That’s how you mix glam, blonde, military and qualify as ‘Confident’ and a ‘Skyscraper.’

Gender neutrality! Ouch.

Stay tuned for more such sassy pieces.   Credit Post:thepopple

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