12 Red Flags You Should Never Overlook in Your Relationship

Hello fellas!

How is it going? Faring well with your partner? Congratulations!

But, you know what – Don’t take your bond for granted. Make sure you keep the reality check mode switched on at all times especially in the first few months.

Certain things can be taken easy but not all. There are always some quirks that take the shape of bright red flags flapping violently which need to be acknowledged ASAP.

You might choose to work together for resolving issues, or you might think of parting ways, depending on the intensity of the alarming sign and the warmth in your linkage.

Read on to check if you have been ignoring any of such neon warning signs.

I hope not. Good Luck!

#1. Is the definition of being faithful ‘same’ for both you?

Are you two on the same page?

If one of you favors an open relationship and the other is never okay with that idea, settle it ASAP.

You won’t even realize when such trivial issues turn into a major mess.

Work out on a common ground!

#2. Are you two okay with declaring your ‘relationship status’ in public?

If either of you has two thoughts about where your relationship is heading towards, BEWARE!

Things are going wrong somewhere.

A classic sign indeed.

#3. Is your partner ‘making fun’ of your moves?

If your SO cannot respect the vulnerability of intimate moves, he or she is definitely not the one worth doing the deed with.

Step Back.

#4. Does your partner make you feel ‘stupid’?

Bonds flourish when you feel good in the presence of the other one. If putting you down becomes a regular feature, it is time to take an action.

Either talk through or just get out!

#5. Are you forced to take a ‘guilt trip’ too often?

Are you torturing yourself in the name of a relationship?

Do not fall in love, rise. If your partner blames you for everything wrong that is happening,

pause, give it a thought.

Seek clarity.

#6. Is sharing of ‘passwords’ mandatory?

Is this an unsaid rule? Well, a relation doesn’t grow in confinement. Personal space and me-time are the prime essentials of a healthy relationship. Make sure both of you have a clear understanding of the thin line between intrusion and intimacy.

Trust each other.

#7. Are there any ‘secrets’?

Ask yourself – why is there a need to keep secrets? The answer would let you know the authenticity of your bond.

If either of you is unwilling to share even the most benign details of life among you two, how is a connect possible at a more intimate level?

Respect your partner’s privacy!

#8. Is there a ‘sudden shift’ in your partner’s attitude?

Is your partner projecting a different behavior off late?

While once in a while mood swings are justifiable but if a change of behavior is persistent, it is something you shouldn’t ignore.

Either you are dating a whimsical person, or you are being fooled.

Make sure you are not being manipulated for benefits.

#9. Are you given ‘ultimatums’ for getting things done?

Do you feel you are at the risk of losing your companionship every now and then?

Caution! your feelings are mistaken to be your need. It is not love my dear, trust me.

A clear sign of being manipulated.

# 10. Does your partner ‘describe’ all his/her exes crazy?

At times, certain relationships end so badly that the bitter feelings stay forever.

If your new partner portrays all his/her exes to be the culprits, it’s a good clue that they are the problem. Issues can arise once or twice, but if every date seems to victimize your partner, you need to open up your mind and think.

Look out for the common denominator.

#11. Is the ‘spark’ diminishing?

Are you two sexually compatible? Physical attraction is directly proportional to the longevity of your bond (well, mostly). If you two are not on the same page, I doubt if you two can take it further.

Gear up!

#12. Are you the one ‘apologizing’ always?

Is saying sorry becoming your habit now?

It is for sure a sign of being thoughtful to apologize and end up the chaos. The warning sign appears when it becomes a routine. Moreover, if it’s always one-sided, chances are you’re dating a master manipulator.

The surfacing of such red flags add nothing but stress to your relationship to the point where you can never be sure of the health or future of your relationship.

Make sure you enjoy your bond by giving in yourself and experiencing the same in return. Figure out the gray areas and rekindle your love as long as it is possible. In case you are not succeeding, take a strong step.

Move on.  Source: thepopple

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