12 Things A Woman Should Never Change For Her Husband

Samaira, the soon to be wedded girl, must be considered to be lucky enough to be a singleton till she was 32. While all her friends have got married in the previous years, she has remained single till now. Recently, when she decided she will marry Jaden one of her colleagues, she received the same levels of support from her family and friends. Despite taking the decision to marry to Jaden, Samaira had many ambiguities in her mind.

Samaira is an independent girl. She is not only a beautiful girl but also a career oriented personality. She was both brilliant as well as talented. She loved her family very much and would do anything for their happiness. The main doubt she had in her mind is if Jaden and his family would allow her to pursue her dreams after the marriage. She also felt worried if she will be authorized to spend time with her family after marrying Jaden. She was highly skeptical and tensed about undergoing changes after she becomes a daughter-in-law and wife of Jaden. Having been an independent character all through her life, she was now afraid of the unforeseen.

Samaira couldn’t think of a better alternative than a get together with her friends to get answers for her doubts. Most of her friends were, and some of them had kids too. She was perfectly right about the get-together idea. Her friends leveraged their marital experience and advised her about certain things that women must not give up for men after marriage.

1. Identity / Surname

The first and foremost advice that Samaira’s friends gave her was not to change her surname after marriage. If her surname before marriage was Samaira Gayle, they wanted her to remain the same even after the wedding. Her friends advised her that unless otherwise she is so attracted by the name Jaden, she must not, at any cost, change her name for any other reason. Of course, some women change their surname after marriage either in the name of tradition or husband sentiment. Women must realize the changing the surname does not mean disrespecting the husband or his family members. Nothing else is more important than retaining your identity.