13 American Food Items That Look Entirely Different in Britain

Food items in the USA and UK are like first cousins. They don’t look similar but share a familiar taste and have a complicated rivalry. Got it? No?

Think of it like this; if the USA is a chubby girl, then Britain would be an older cousin who gained weight over time. We’ve seen them since much of their childhood, and know most of the secrets about them. And you may or may not agree, but both of them are always under inspection for their dining habits. While Britain loves overcooked food with less or no taste, America has a crush over the pretentious fries, burger and donuts.

So, if you travel between these two places or planning to, we’re here to prevent you from all the confusion. We’ve listed down the list of similar American food items that look entirely different in Britain.


One of the most general differentiative things which you’d notice in American food items vs British food items is – the US dishes are more thick and fluffy. For instance, US biscuits are spongy while in the UK, they are chocolaty.