13 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away But Still Earn Millions

Although the vast majority of people will earn all of their income during their own lifetime, that is not always the case. While most celebrities and famous figures would probably prefer that they had accumulated their wealth while still alive, licensing fees, commercial rights and continuing sales of their releases means that it is possible for them to earn big money even after their deaths.

Incredibly popular musicians and artists are likely to remain so, even when they have passed away, with millions still buying their records. Meanwhile, advertising agencies and other media are constantly looking to license the rights to music to help sell their products. Other times, companies might want to use the name or likeness of a departed celebrity to increase their popularity and status. This constantly increases the amount of income that estates can bring in, even decades after their providers sadly died.

Stieg Larsson

Many people will not recognize the name Stieg Larsson but his writings have proved to be incredibly popular. Although he died in 2004 before the publication of his hit series, known as The Millennium Trilogy, the three novels have proved to be unbelievably successful. They have sold almost 50 million copies between them and have also been adapted into hit films that have achieved similar success. These endeavors have earned his estate an estimated $10 million per year since their publication.