14 Fashion Industry Secrets Models Will Never Tell You

Looking from the outside, the world of fashion models seems pretty easy with oodles of services done in hand and before them even asking. Their life seems quite lush and full of expensive vices and hard bills, but there are still things that they never talk about.

It is impossible to imagine them having a not so happy go lucky life with all expensive things around and that too for free but unfortunately we are looking at a bigger picture here, and all that we see is that the things we feel are not what their life is all about. There is a lot to it.

Earlier this year, Cara Delevigne, our favorite Victoria’s Secret model opened up about their life as a supermodel and it wasn’t what we were looking forward to. She said it is ‘horrible’ inside.

She is not the only one who had the nerves to come forward and complain about how badly they are treated and what all they have to go through to stay the same. They have an inside life, and it is good that they get to share only a portion.

It isn’t just backstabbing, bitching, rivalries or even emotional abuse but it’s more than you ever knew of or imagined and we have the exact scoop here. Let’s start digging.

1. Size Zero is considered “Too fat.”

In a report published by Daily Mail, a 19-year-old Swedish model confessed that she was told her hips are too wide and that her butt was too big. Her current B.M.I. is at 17.5 which I would definitely call being underweight. Do you think she’s actually fat?

Shocking, isn’t it?

2. Some agencies ask you to model naked at 16 years of age only.

This goes back to the year 2013 when the ex-Victoria’s Secret model Kylie Bisutti released her life story to the public about her life before she quit to become a full-time Christian. It was then she revealed that she was asked to model topless to fit in when she was merely 16. Now that is something really awkward.

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