15 Youngest Parents In The World

Children are like flowers. They should be nurtured and fostered properly; otherwise a wrong thing may happen anytime. We can’t expect a child become the parent of a child. It is beyond our imagination. Sometimes it may happen by two children’s own choice or sometimes by meanness of a third person and sometimes the third person may be the child’s close relatives. It is really shocking to know this truth. But it is worth noting to know what is happening around the World. I know, you will also get shocked after reading this. Here is the list of 15 young parents. So, let’s go through one by one.

#15: The Youngest Mother

As per record, the World’s youngest mother was only 5 years old from Peru. Her parents though that she had a large tumor in her stomach. But, after taken to hospital, the Doctors found out that she was pregnant! The girl’s father was jailed briefly as he was suspected to be the abuser. However, he was released as no evidence was found to indicate him at the act. The baby’s father, to this day, remains a mystery. Doctors suspected that the early pregnancy was due to pituitary disorder that triggered early ovulation.