20 Of The Worst Selfie Fails By People Who Forgot To Check The Background

It’s 2018 and it’s safe to say that selfies are the most popular way of taking a photo. I mean, they are pretty great. You don’t have to rely on someone else taking the photo for you. It takes practice, but people learn to take some PERFECT photos on their own.

Think about it, when you ask someone else to take a photo for you, there is a risk of them not taking the best photo. The angle and lighting is EVERYTHING. Nothing can possibly go wrong when you are taking a selfie, right? Well, not exactly.

There are people whose selfie went terribly wrong. Terribly and hilariously. Basically, you can say that it went terribly wrong for them and it ended it being pretty hilarious for us. These photos just go to show that you need to check your surroundings prior to taking the photo and check the photo before posting it online!

1. Bugs are often hard to spot. Especially when your back is towards them or they are near the top of your head. These girls spotted this MASSIVE spider hanging out with them while taking their selfie. Who knows, maybe he wanted some camera action as well.

2. If you are tired of seeing the same dad-baby-dog selfie, then look no further. Check out this adorable photo of a father and his baby. Oh, and their dog is “releasing some stress” in the background.