5 Simple Exercises And 5 Food to Reduce Belly Fat

There are many things in life that cause a perpetual worry in human minds. While some of these things may be related to mental and emotional aspects of life, some things may be purely physical in nature. One such physical thing that causes a lot of mental tension is belly fat. Belly fat causes distress since it doesn’t allow one look size zero. It also causes embarrassment making the whole structure look unruly and ugly. It detains us from flaunting the much desired curves since we appear bulky in the middle and so feels let down without any curves to flaunt.

If not got rid off at the right time, belly fat can cause major health problems in the future to come. Many people who want to get rid of belly fat opt for dieting or exercising as individual choices. However, in a real time scenario, opting for dieting and exercising together will help get rid of belly fat in an easy manner. We provide here 5 exercises and 5 foods that can help you get rid of that unwanted belly fat quickly.

Exercise 1 – Crunches

Crunches are considered highly effective in burning Belly Fat among the many other exercises available. One of the best fat burning exercises, doing crunches regularly will help people get rid of belly fat in a rapid and steady manner. Lie down on an exercise mat with your back completely rested on the same. Lift both your legs in 90 degrees angle and place both your hands behind your head in a bent position. Alternatively you can also have both your hands crossed across your chest. Inhale completely and lift up the top portion of the body. Exhale slowly while you lift your upper body. Inhale when you return your upper portion of the body towards the mat on the ground.

If you are a beginner, repeating this 10 times will help you sustain the exercise. 10 times is considered as one rep. Do 2 to 3 reps to reduce the belly fat in a quick manner. There are many variations to Crunches, some of them being butterfly crunch, side crunch, shoulder press and dumbbell crossover punch

  • Do not get excited and pull your top portion of your body beyond possible extent since this may hurt your back
  • Ensure your head remains constant supporting your torso position so your neck doesn’t get impacted.
  • Any impact on the neck may cause severe pain
  • Avoid sitting straight when the torso is being lifted since this may not put pressure on the abdominal muscles. This will spoil the whole effort towards burning belly fat.