7 Guaranteed Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Ants

We all know that the ants are hard-working and industrious but most of us hate them. The only time I admire ants is when they carry their food to their ant hills, though they should have their anthill far away from my houses. If at all they set their foot in my house, they have to go out! If you hate ants too, you can get rid of ants by spraying the toxic chemicals around your food and your family. If you don’t like that way, you could utilize many of the ingredients present in your kitchen to get rid of ants.

1: Lemon juice – The acidity and smell of lemon juice interrupts ant trails and frightens them from beginning new ones. Pour some drops of lemon juice straight into the cracks or holes through which the ants enter your kitchen. Then you may also wipe some lemon juice in areas such as window frames, doorways, floorboards or where ever they have been crawling. You may need to redo this process a couple of times to prevent new ants from following the old trail to your home.

2: Cinnamon – Ants also hate the fragrance of cinnamon. You can place cinnamon sticks or spray ground cinnamon wherever you have seen the ants. Also, you can try dipping a cotton swab in cinnamon oil and apply it to the crevices and cracks that the ants have been accessing. As it is with the lemon juice, you may need some applications before seeing results. Cloves too work in a similar way.

3: Cornmeal – Ants are interested in cornmeal but are unable to digest it. So basically they explode after absorbing it. You can put some cornmeal in a small plate near the opening after determining the place from where the ants enter your home. It may need some days and you might see extra ants initially, but with time, this process is very useful. Dried rice, wheat flour, and cream of wheat also work in a similar way.

4: Chalk – Using a stick of chalk, you can try to draw boundaries on walls, doors, and windows. Ants do the cross the line as they do not like calcium carbonate present in the chalk.

5: Salt – Furthermore, ants hate salt. You can spatter table salt around crevices and cracks or make a salt spray by combining salt in boiling water and then spray the liquid wheresoever you see the ants.


6: Cayenne pepper – Pepper is just as capable as salt in preventing ants. Sprinkle it directly on holes or you may also mix it with water and then spray on ant trails or even the ants.

7: Vinegar – The strong smell of white vinegar deflects ants. Make a water vinegar solution of the ration 50:50 and then spray it straight onto the space of entry and reapply if needed. You can use it securely on counter tops, floors, and cabinets. In fact, it works excellently as a disinfecting and cleaning spray.

After you probably get rid of the ants, you should consider about keeping them out.They love sweet food items, so always preserve sweet food items in a zipped bag or a large container. Also clean floors and counters regularly. Remove kitchen garbage daily. Store dry cereals in taped containers rather than opening boxes. Avoid leaving unwashed dishes in the sink overnight and always keep pet bowls clean among meals.

To get rid of ants using natural methods means time and patience. Share this article with your friends and family and help them get rid of ants too!

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