9 Interesting facts You Didn’t Know About Chile

Interesting Facts About Chile:

If you couldn’t already tell, we LOVE spending our summers in Chile. It’s hard to find a reason not to love it. The amazing mountains, culture, beaches and adventure sports….the list can go on and on. Here’s a few fun facts about Chile that’ll make you want to head down to the southern hemisphere!

World’s Biggest Swimming Pool is in Chile?:

A hotel in Chile features the world’s largest swimming pool. San Alfonso Del Mar Resort in Chile has the world’s largest swimming pool.
In Algarrobo city in the Pacific coast, we find the most impressive artificial paradise that was named by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest swimming pool with a length of 1,000 yards, an area of 20 acres and a maximum depth of 115- feet. It holds 66 million gallons of crystal clear seawater.

World’s Biggest Swimming Pool is in Chile?

The pool was opened in December 2006 and it took five years of construction work with a cost of nearly 1 billion dollars and an annual maintenance cost of about 2 million.