People were always obsessed with celebrities, ever since television and movies started. However, nowadays due to the advent of social media, this has reached a whole new level. All celebrities post their pictures in their new dresses on social media sites, and their fans immediately start buying them. Human beings have a tendency to follow the latest trends, irrespective of whether that trend is a good one or not. We just believe that the celebrities can never make any mistakes. However, that definitely isn’t true.

Celebrities need to be choose the best dresses for the occasion, since their fans follow their dressing styles. Besides, they also have a list of dresses that they will never wear at any cost. However, this list might not be properly set, since many a times, these celebrities display their horrible fashion sense. Read on to check the top 9 dresses which show the poor taste of celebrities in fashion.

1. Sun visors

Sun visors don’t really work that well, to be honest a normal cap works much better and looks cool too.

2. Cropped baggy cargo pants

They don’t look cool at all, and on top of that they make your legs look fat. Who would want that?