Baby elephant starts flopping on the ground strangely—when mom walks by, this is too hilarious

A baby elephant with an itchy bum puts on a hilarious show as the adults in his pack make a stately procession across a road in the wilds of Africa.

Sometimes being the youngest in a family is just hard! One elephant calf finds this out when he’s assailed with a sudden feeling of itchiness on his behind and has to stop to deal with this.

While some social media users think this baby elephant is tired of walking and is throwing a tantrum, others are convinced he’s desperate to scratch an insatiable itch on his behind. But whatever the case, it’s clear he needs to break away from his herd for a moment of silliness.

The tiny elephant sits down on the grassy edge of the earthen road cutting through the grasslands and rubs his behind into the ground to ease his discomfort.

Not quite gainly with his body yet, the baby quadruped falls over and has to spend several minutes trying to get back up into a seated position.

And while he’s engaged in such a difficult struggle, the adults in his pack just keep crossing the road and going on their way!

None of them stop to help or show any concern! They just avoid the spot where he’s lying helplessly on his side and ignore him.

Granted that it’s kind of fun to roll around in the soil as the sun warms his hide, but he would’ve still liked to see some of the adults show some worry.

Not getting any attention from his family, the little elephant finally manages to sit up and get back to scratching his itch.

Once he feels relieved, he springs up to his feet with a lot more grace than he’d shown before.

Most of his pack has already left him behind but he’s determined not to lose sight of them. So, he hurries forward and pitches himself between two of the adults.

With his small body so close to their adult feet, he feels sure that they will notice his presence.

Meanwhile, a human tourist records the incident with his camera and assumes that the baby elephant just threw a very human tantrum by rolling on the ground.

When he uploads it to the net, the clip starts getting a lot of attention.

Now, if only there was a way for the calf to know just how famous he was getting outside the elephant community!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Jukin

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