Ever Wondered Why Girls Lift Their Leg While Kissing?

The Eskimo kiss. The French kiss. The Butterfly kiss. The Spiderman kiss. There’s also the Lingering kiss, and the Lizard kiss. This list is virtually neverending. Still, I’d add on this kiss-kitty, where we have The Foot Popping Kiss.I bet you must’ve witnessed atleast one such kiss on the screen if you’ve never experienced it personally. So, what’s all the fuss around it? Well, when a guy is obsessed kissing his girl’s luscious lips, she may tend to have one of her feet raised up in the air. To science’s surprise, there seems to be no particular reason why this happens, and so, we decided to dive into this amorous dilemma and find out why some girls react the way while kissing.

Here you go.

Have they been explicitly trained to do so?

In the Hollywood movie, ‘The Princess Diaries’ (2001), Queen Clarisse Renaldi teaches Mia Thermopolis how to behave exactly like a princess in the daily life.Does it mean every girl walking around has been taught by someone or on the internet that a kiss feels best only when you raise one of the feet up in the air?I doubt, and so do you, I am sure. So let’s first see what all this craze is about.

One of Anne Hathaway’s popular dialogues goes as:

“You know in old films whenever a girl would get seriously kissed, her foot would kind of – pop.”In the same 2001 movie, Mia talks about how an ideal kiss would be. This gave millions of girls their kiss goals.And then, a better reason to follow the trend came up.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ intimate beach kiss in 2016.

Yeah, The Foot Popping Kiss (which was already famous) came back in the news two years ago when Taylor Swift’s picture of her kiss with Calvin surfaced. The duo went to Bahamas Beach for vacations, and these pictures rocked the summers of 2016. Among the other images, we could see Taylor in a swimsuit, both of them enjoying a water trampoline and jet ski kayaks. But the one that caught the most attention was the one above.Below are six possible reasons behind this famous kissing style/pose:

#6 As Hathaway continues…

“It can be purely out of instinct and could signal towards the enjoyment that a female is feeling while indulging in it. Our body reacts to every single thing that happens with it, and this can also be the way a female body responds with a reflex action.”

#5 The scientific reason – The physics of it!

This one’s tricky but closer to the truth. If you know about the concept of Centre of Gravity (The total weight of a body that has mass concentrates at one point), you’ll agree that when a female’s body bends backward to as she indulges in a kiss (which happens generally), that gravity of hers shifts too. Therefore, a foot sticks out in the form of a compensatory action to maintain the body’s balance.Picture dinosaurs. Or cats. They all use their tails to maintain balance when in movement.

#4 The controversial reason – The need for it!

This one’s funny. In many countries, showing an intimate scene in a movie where lips interlock is considered quite offensive and NSFW in nature. Many a time, makers use relevant props through smart tricks like these to denote a similar situation-1) Moving flowers are used to show a lip kiss.2) Only the leg part where the female’s foot rises to express an intimate situation.3) They show their silhouettes as kissing each other…and many others.

#3 The adoption – The copying of it!

Many couples run behind the idea of being an ‘ideal’ couple. They follow everything that is thought to be quintessential. Considering the popularity this style has, many couples incline on it just to feel that they’re doing it in the best possible way.Also, if a photographer captures them in the act, they turn popular as well.

#2 The stupid reason – The nonsense of it!

Popular things and culture are always surrounded by myths too. This one’s simple. The statement minced into a question goes as- “Would you like to see a guy’s foot popping out? I bet, you don’t. That might not please most eyes. So, let this be a girl’s job.”Disclaimer – I hope feminists out there are not offended. I believe in the idea of equality, trust me.

#1 The historically important reason – The essence of it!

Remember the very very famous Times Square Kiss?You can read about it on Wikipedia, and I believe many couples try this iconic pose for the sake of repeating history. Well, if your public kiss becomes this popular, it’s worth it.


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