Google Did Something Unbelievable When A Girl Searched ‘How to commit suicide’

OGD, that’s what I have! Oh, if you don’t know what this acronym stands for, let me do the honors – OGD stands for obsessive Google (dis)order. I am obsessed with Google and it won’t be wrong to say it has become my best friend and savior. Whether it is about motherhood challenges or quick home remedies, Google has the answer to everything. Hence, I proudly declare, I have OGD! Well, don’t freak out thinking how this term failed to register in your vocabulary database, yet. Coined by me, this term is yet to find a place in the English language, though this thing has swept over the nation (Netizens) since decades.

Almost all of us today are walking knowledge banks, thanks to the quick availability of information that has been made easier by search engines like Google. A powerful combination of a finger and a click is all it takes to be showered with any and every information you seek. And the experience has kept on getting better with time.

Google search results have become smarter now, thanks to AI.

In 2015, Bloomberg reported that Google has begun rolling out a deep learning system (or deep neural networks, approximate to neurons in the human brain) called RankBrain that aids in generating responses to search queries. Earlier, Google’s search engine was driven by algorithms that responded to each query automatically but they followed a set of definite rules. These algorithms didn’t learn on their own and hence were restricted but since the incorporation of AI, it looks like it is the way forward.

Here are some such instances that will compel you to give a standing ovation to Google and team.

Do you know Google search engine has proved to be a saviour for someone?

The story had gone viral and everyone was praises for Google.

A depressed girl wanted to end her life.

According to the Times Of India, a 24-year-old girl was going through a break-up and was so depressed that she decided to end her life.

She searched for ways to commit suicide on Google search engine.

And the search results were a blessing in disguise.

Instead of returning suicide methods, Google responded with suicide helpline numbers, including the number and website details of Aasra, a crisis prevention center. The girl dialed the number which landed at the office of the Deputy Inspector General of Police.

“On January 3, I got a call from the girl on my public number. She was quite nervous and was about to end her life. She told me she had even searched how to kill herself on Google. Among the search results, she told me, she found my number. I heard her out and told her to come to my office so we could talk about it in detail,” DIG Jitendra Kumar Shahi told TOI.

The girl was referred to a counselor thereafter.

The depressed girl narrated her story to the DIG of police who referred her to a counselor. She underwent two sessions of counseling and dropped the idea of suicide. A life saved, thanks to Google!

This isn’t the first time though, Google has saved many a lives time and again.

In another incident, Google responded to polite internet searches of a Nan.

Yes, you read that right! Google does observe…

She did this assuming her queries were being monitored or responded to by a human at the other end.

As reported by ABC News, Ben said, “I asked my Nan why she used ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and it seemed she thinks that there is someone — a physical person — at Google’s  headquarters who looks after the searches.”

Here’s another response by Google to Ben’s Nan.

Ben tweeted about it and his tweets went viral in no time.


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