Injured fawn abandoned by mom in predator territory—then, a man saves her before bears come

A pregnant doe gave birth to twin fawns on one man’s property. He then filmed the ensuing drama, as one of the babies was injured and needed help.

The little fawn needed protection, as there were all sorts of predators out there just waiting for a chance to devour it. The journey of survival for this fawn is truly heartwarming.

The wounded fawn always lagged behind due to an injury it had sustained to one of its legs; soon the mother deer and the healthy fawn left it behind to go into the hills. Nature sometimes can be cruel.

But this kindhearted man took pity on the poor fawn that had a bad limp and decided to care for it. He was able to nurse it back to health, and taught it how to drink milk from a bottle. This man had three pets, two cute dogs and a cat; all of these furry animals became good friends with the fawn and helped it to recover fast. Soon, the fawn was ready to be released into the wild.

Watch the video to see its amazing transformation and how the fawn was able to meet with its mom once again. This man is truly an inspiration and teaches us how to be more compassionate towards all creatures big and small.

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