It’s Not Stupid If It Works

There are two kinds of people in the world: the settlers and the innovators. Settlers have a passive attitude to life, they act only when it becomes absolutely necessary for survival. The innovators anticipate the problem before it hits them and they come up with creative ways to sort out their surroundings.

The innovators will not settle for a regular life. They’ll create their own rules and live by them. These are the kinds of people who experiment and come up with hilarious ways to solve everyday problems like charging a phone on a socket that’s high above the ground. A settler may ignore that socket and find the socket that is nearer to the ground, but an innovator will find a way to charge his phone on the high socket with minimal effort as you see in the 3rd photo.

This post is about all sorts of hilarious solutions developed by innovators to solve everyday life problems. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

1:  Showers were never so good before

2: This is what you call genius