People When They Tried Use Photoshop And They Failed

It’s not a secret anymore. Everyone knows that almost all the photos which appear in magazines, advertisements, newspapers, and internet are Photoshopped. Whether it is to modify the background, add or delete an object, slim down the body of a model or hide imperfections- companies spend a fortune on hiring photoshop experts and graphic designers to create flawless images. But, it seems these companies need to improve their selection process and hire people who are good at the art of modifying photos and prevent embarrassing fails. How do these photos even get published?

But this doesn’t mean that only professionals make mistakes. Nowadays, people have themselves started photoshopping their photos, and the mistakes they make are even more horrible.

Take a look at these terrible Photoshop fails and have a good laugh.

1 Caught red handed. Looks like he got 3 hands.

2 An extra set of fingers is always helpful.

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