The 20 Most Hysterical Fishing Moments Ever Captured On Camera

Fishing isn’t traditionally known for being a hilarious endeavor – after all, whether it’s as a sport, a hobby or a career, most who practice it take it seriously. But there are still plenty of hysterical moments that occur, and luckily, some of them have been captured on camera: from kids’ first fishing trips to people going truly above and beyond for a catch.

20. Pothole fishing

If there’s one way to make authorities pay attention to the size of the potholes in your local roads, it’s to go fishing in them. Sure, we can’t imagine this guy will actually be catching much, but that’s not the point. He’s clearly making a grand political statement. At least, we hope he is…

19. Floating giraffe

Sure, you could hire a boat or even wade in to the water yourself. But those options are expensive, cold and, obviously, wet. And really, neither of them measures up to this sight. After all, we’re pretty confident that, given the chance, anyone would be happy to go fishing in an inflatable giraffe.