The Sweetest Trio Of Lion, Tiger And Bear Refuse To Be Separated After 15 Years Together

So, a Lion, a Tiger and a Bear walk into a bar…

Actually, it is an absurd start for a joke because in real life those animals would never end up in the same place. Firstly, because each of their natural habitats is so far apart from the others’. Secondly, because they are animals of different species and are unlikely to be friends.

However, in Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary (NAAS) in Locust Grove, Georgia an American black bear, an African lion and a Bengal tiger have spent over fifteen years living in perfect harmony!

Meet the three inseparable pals — Shere Khan, the tiger; Leo, the lion; and Baloo, the bear.

Their friendship blossomed fifteen years ago when NAAS rescued the three little cubs.

The poor baby animals were less than one year old when the rescuers found them in tiny captivities in the basement. It happened during a drug raid on a home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here is a picture of little Leo with an infected wound on his nose. That is how he looked like when he arrived at NAAS.

All three cubs were exhausted and terrified. But Baloo‘s health condition was certainly the worst.

The bear had outgrown his cage, where he was kept tied up with a harness. As Baloo got bigger, the captors didn‘t loosen the harness, so his body literally grew around it! The animal had to undergo surgery to seal the severe wounds.

The three ‘brothers’ were under treatment — and that was the first and only time they have been separated.

Their injuries were deemed too severe for them to be released into the wild, So they were placed in the one living quarter. the happy trio have been enjoying each other‘s company ever since!

The lion, the tiger, and the bear do everything together – eat, sleep and of course play! They even give each other kisses.

They have different personalities, but they are happy to live as one family.

Thank you, NAAS team, for saving these beautiful animals!

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