These Celebrities Have a Problem With Their Clothing

1: Starting with Lady Gaga’s hair which is dyed in various shades of blond, and actually look quite good. Her make up also looks pretty well done but … What was she thinking wearing that? What is “that”? The dress seems to be something made to stand out. Not literally. And there is a body suit beneath it but not exactly sure why the sides of it are visible on her face. The orb of spikes in her hand looks as deadly as shoes which honestly look uncomfortable and very dangerous. I don’t know about you but Balancing on that looks quite difficult.

2: You know when people wear weird clothes and they tend to look very happy about it but something in the lasses expression shows she isn’t too happy about wearing that sunflower of death. This is why too many frills is a bad idea, topping it off is the fact that they’re going everywhere, just like her hair but well. The transparent heels are more than just questionable but we’ll leave them there with the leggings. Well at least she’s noticeable and yellow is a very popular choice for summer season. If she just gave those frills a direction she’d have rocked her look.