Top 10 Cheapest Hybrid Cars in the World

Cheapest Hybrid Cars in the World- A hybrid car is that which possess two different sources of propulsion like a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor. The major advantage of hybrid cars is that it consumes less amount of fuel and also less pollutes the environment as compared to non hybrid cars. So now do you want to know which are the best hybrid cars in the world? If yes, check out the fresh list of top 10 cheapest hybrid cars in the world of 2018.

#1: Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford Fusion Hybrid is one of the cheapest hybrid cars in the world. Ford Fusion Hybrid is the best car from Ford that is available at price of $26,575. It is a basic feature car that has 5 seating capacity and 4-Cylinder. Continuously Variable speed automatic transmission, as well as many safety features makes it a unique car in this segment that is highly prefer by hybrid car lovers.