Top 15 Nature And Scenic Beauty Spots In Odisha To Visit

Odisha is a land like no other and is rightly called the Goa of the East. Unfortunately, nature hasn’t been very kind to this state, but Odisha and its people never cease to fight back with their faith and spirit. Or maybe it’s the blessings of Lord Jagannath that give the people of Odisha courage and hope despite such upheavals.

An ancient land with a rich history, Odisha was declared a separate state on April 1, 1936, and it is in this honour that the Odiya people celebrate Odisha Day or Utkal Dibasa. Utkal because Odisha was earlier called Utkal and then Orissa and now Odisha, has a mention in our National Anthem. Also, Odisha was the first state to be formed on the linguistic basis as the people of Odisha are called Odiya and the language they speak is also called Odiya.

If you are planning to visit Odisha on April 1st to celebrate the Utkal Dibasa then here are the top 15 nature and scenic beauty spots you wouldn’t want to miss.

#15. Bhubaneswar – The Temple City Of India.


The capital of Odisha has a history that dates back to 2500 years. Famous for its ancient monuments and modern constructions, Bhubaneswar had over 2000 temples in the past. It is the perfect place to enjoy the rich colours of Indian culture and also to learn about the vibrant and political history of Odisha. The Lingaraja Temple, Raja Rani Temple, Khandagiri Caves, Nandankanan Zoological Park and Udaygiri are amongst the must see places in Bhubaneswar.

#14. Puri – Seek The Blessings From The Gods.

Puri is famous for one of the four holy places for Hindu devotees, the Jagannath Temple. Rath Yatra or the Festival of Chariot held in the temple is a world famous annual festival that attracts more than one million pilgrims from all around the world. The Sun Temple, Gundicha Ghar Temple, Raghurajpur, Atharnala Bridge are some of the must-visit places in Puri. For nature lovers, the top attractions are the beautiful beaches of Puri and Swargardar, Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary, and Daya River.

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