Two Elephants Reunion After Staying 22 years Apart Is Very Emotionally As Recognize Each Other!

Joyful voices echoed through the still morning air as the two old friends approached each other enthusiastically. All the residents of the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee were brave enough to understand and forgive the noisy pair after seeing the elephants reunion. They were separated for over two long decades.

The elephants, Jenny and Shirley used to perform in the similar circus 22 years ago. By the time Jenny had come from Asia as a calf, Shirley by then was 20 years old.

The tables turned when the elephants got the opportunity to see each other again after such a long time. Shirley had been welcomed by Jenny. She had to drive for 14 hours before arriving at the sanctuary.


The sanctuary worker giving her a bath was very emotional and was happy that Shirley was finally free. He even said that he did not know who was the first one to put a chain on Shirley, but he is glad that he had the opportunity to take it off in the last.

When Jenny was returning to the barn, the two friends recognized each other instantly. Both of them draped their trunks over each others shoulders and faces, the fondness they both had for each other was clearly visible.

Jenny and Shirley bent the steel bars between them in desperation to stay together in the night. After the gates of the cage were opened, Jenny received a proper greeting from her friend Shirley.

The Sanctuary’s executive director, Carol Buckley feels that this particular love between the two elephants started their animal family.

Just as the reunions of humans, these elephants reunion goes to prove that neither distance nor time can break the real bond of friendship!

Just as with humans, Jenny and Shirley’s reunion is proof that neither time nor distance can break the bond of friendship.

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